Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Abstract strategy games leaderboard is now up.

You can check the latest out here:

Click on a specific game on the leaderboard to see the leaderboard for that specific game. Note that this is going under testing still, so expect hickups.

The leaderboard is pulling results off SuperDuperGames, Games.WTanaka.com and also the IGGameCenter. We will be looking to add the Arimaa site also as the next one to get up and then we hope to get more sites on later.

All this is automated from a data feed from the partner sites, so no manual entry of data. Players who register at the IAGO site will be tracked this way.

Anyhow, it is still under testing but getting there. Aaron Dalton has done an awesome job here.

The process is still being tested, and signing up to get and get tracked needs to be streamlined. However, as of now, it works. Those interested in being part of the ongoing testing are encouraged to try to get help walking through this process.

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